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The Hotel Clearance Company offers

A Professional Asset Clearance Service throughout the UK

Through our origins as hoteliers ourselves, our industry expertise enables us to offer a one-stop solution to the hospitality sector in the purchase, storage, and removal of surplus hotel assets.
Our first-hand experience within hotels allows us to understand the impact renovations and improvements can have on not only the hotel itself, but its staff, customers and suppliers. 

With this in mind, we will always consider the impact of everything that we do on the business. This is something unique to us and one of our many unique features that we are so proud of. 

When you add this to our industry leading channels to market, and the fact that we will commit to a more thorough clearance than any of our competitors, you can easily see why we are the first choice of the exclusive hotel market across the UK and beyond. 
By working with us , not only are you assured of the best possible financial return for your assets. The Hotel Clearance Company thrives on putting together a plan to ensure the smoothest turn around for everyone involved.
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