We offer a variety of services

From a single purchase transaction through to entire hotel asset removal and disposal.

We offer

On-site auction
Secure storage facilities & off-site auction
Private sales

Bespoke Service

Our service is unique, and totally tailored to suit you. Every transaction receives attention to detail from our dedicated team to guarantee the best possible result for your business. One of the main benefits to working with us is the comprehensive service we offer. 

Whilst our competitors will only be interested in the glamourous or high value, and will want to charge to remove some of your less valuable assets. We take a wholistic approach and will offer a comprehensive and thorough, professional clearance of all assets. 

We have a highly experienced professional team, who can work in any environment. In fact you may be interested to know that we even have a specialist team who all hold CSCS accreditation, allowing us to, as we have in the past, work along side even the biggest and most prestigious main contractors, to get your project completed.

Please get in contact to find out more and to tell us how we can help you best.
Managing your entire project from start to finish, our mission is to achieve the highest return for YOU! Using 3 carefully selected channels we customise our strategy to provide the maximum benefit to your business.

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