The Westbury Mayfair

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The Westbury Mayfair London revered throughout the world for its style, and the unique wealth of top designer brands on its Bond St doorstep.

We were engaged by the hotels owners, Cola Holdings prior to  construction commencing in the Autumn of 2021. The project will create 196 guestrooms and suites to a 5+ star standard, including open-plan bathrooms, cabinetry, furniture and fixtures. Front of house facilities will include restaurants, bars, lounges, conference and function rooms and new spa facilities.

The client as is normal had received a quote from their project managers to clear the site prior to enabling works taking place. This was a huge sum and also would have meant large amounts of fantastic quality goods, simply going to landfill. We were able to turn this on the head for the client delivering them a substantial revenue at the end of our clearance process. The difference really is astounding. As well as the obvious environmental and reputational benefits.

Westminster council have approved the partial demolition of the existing building, extension of guest floor levels 1 to 7 to the rear and creation of a new level 8 floor for new signature guestrooms. The facades are to be retained but enhanced and the rear elevation receives a completely new façade.

This redevelopment of the site which sees a reduction in its current rooms from 225 to 196, will undoubtedly create an unrivalled landmark hotel on London’s most high profile luxury location with the well coveted five-star plus rating. Hence the clearance of the entire contents of the hotel, from the signature suites designer furniture pieces, contents and fixtures from the Polo and Michelin star, AW Restaurant along with banqueting and commercial catering equipment.

Obviously prior to such a landmark project, there is a colossal amount of work to be done. We worked directly with the owners and their main contractor Sir Robert McAlpine to ensure this was done to its fullest extent and as smoothly as possible given the constraints of time and location. The clearance to the form of a number of private treaty sales to our pre-qualified bank of buyers, as well as an 8,000+ Lot online and live auction, as well as a timed auction and general site clearance activities. This project really demonstrated the comprehensive approach we take to a clearance to deliver the very best outcome for all concerned. The project also showcased one of our unique features, in that we were able to work along side the main contractor and their enabling teams in a professional, and compliant way due to us providing a full team of CSCS card holders to comply with the site safety requirements. This is something that is not possible with any of our competitors.

The sales reached far and wide meaning that over 90% of the hotel inventory was re-used and as well as not going to landfill with the obvious environmental benefits that go with that. The sale also went a long way to allowing hotels far and wide the possibility of dramatically improving their own product at a fraction of the normal investment required. It really was a win for all. The assets from this project went as far as Ghana, Singapore and Romania as well as extensively throughout the UK.

  • We turned Cost to Profit
  • Fantastic Environmental and CSR story
  • CSCS carded team working alongside major international contractor
  • Fully comprehensive back to the bricks clearance