The Conduit Club, Mayfair London

Full Details

The Conduit, spread across eight floors in Mayfair, was slick and spacious, yet homely and considered, rewriting the rulebook for what it means to be a members’ club in the 21st century. Its address - Conduit Street - provided inspiration for the club's name, which sets out its aim succinctly; The Conduit was a channel for the transmission of ideas, and a home for an eclectic community of people passionate about social change. The Club opened to great aplomb in 2018 and ran for a time facilitating thought provoking meeting of like minded folk and influencers. However in 2020 as a result of the COVID crisis and the impact on the hospitality sector the club was forced to close it's doors.

Once the property had reverted to its landlords, they were faced with a number of considerations to deal with. Firstly what would the future of the building be and secondly what to do with the assets and fixtures contained within the building. The decision was made that the future of the building was to be a luxury boutique hotel, set to take advantage of the shift to leisure based travel in the capital. Once this had been decided the building needed to be readied for its transformation. As is normal, the project management company dealing with the development approached a "normal" site clearance company and came back with an expensive option to clear the site to landfill. As is also now becoming customary, we were then approached to come up with a proposal to clear the site.

We were able to secure a number of substantial private treaty sales to deal with a number of the assets, and conducted both timed and live auctions to realise the maximum return for our client. Lastly with any unsold items, some were removed to our warehousing to sell at a later date. We also used our own team to remove and recycle any remaining fixtures and fitting that had no sale value to ensure that as little as possible ended up in landfill.

The whole project was managed to a tight timeframe with the main contractor arriving on site to begin enabling works, mid way through the clearance. However due to our unique experience of working alongside the construction industry, this was carried out in a consultative and seamless way that resulted in all parties being able to complete their works to their own schedules.

We were delighted with the result of this clearance of a beautiful building, and we cant wait to see the new boutique hotel once it opens.